Family Business

"To deceive the polygraph can not be – sure B. – Furthermore, lie detector tests have no limitation period. Even if the age of five, you cut your finger, and her sister safely to forget it, your subconscious will remind. " "You have no idea how rampant theft and industrial espionage in the companies' – continues the polygraph examiner. This situation frustrates him only in part. After all, for his job a lie detector – a family business. During the two-hour test on a polygraph customers spread $ 100-500. Some business leaders have even something like a monthly subscription plan for vetting of their corporations.

Banks and drug addicts in recent times become more popular, not only the expertise to detect lies. A few years ago, Ukraine was among the leaders in the procurement of polygraphs. A lawyer from the White Church, Valery Wolves a few years ago he worked in the security service Pravex Bank, carrying out daily for at least three tests on the detector. Thus the bank's management has tried to protect themselves from thieves, drug addicts, gamblers, alcoholics and bribe-takers, and more – find out the real motives for applying for a job. – After hundreds of tests on the detector I was able to face to determine whether a person is lying.

People are a lot like when they lie, – says Valery Wolves. – For example, when a person starts to lie, he inadvertently pressed to imagine things. If, however, move on to another topic, he was happy to take a more comfortable position.