Buffalo Reel

But that's 30 or 40 g I would not venture to throw it. So, as you said Kozma rods – 'If the cage the elephant says' Buffalo' – do not believe your eyes. " Returning to our stick – what else should pay attention. Check correct installation of the Rings – that they were all on one line. I came across a lot of sticks for which any one of the rings, or tulip fell out of a total failure, and this affects the range casting.

By the way, does not interfere with test and evenness of the rods – from the curve of the stick can not expect precise casting. Cork handle and a proper balancing are already in another price category. COIL give advice on buying a particular brand of coil makes no sense, because of the mentioned money can buy just the coil from China with absolutely any name, but there are definite requirements that must to meet even these coils. To start to define the size. Do not take too little or too much of the coil, we were satisfied with the golden mean.

In fact, in coils has its own dimensions, but here we will not concern. So, requirements: Take the smooth running reel in your hand and roll. The lower the noise issue reel during the rotation, the better. On the pen should not be felt shocks or vibration. (See Number of bearings) No backlash Absolutely no backlash reels does not happen, most importantly, that they are within reasonable limits.