Eye Diseases

The clinical picture of “Dry eye” is one of the most common eye diseases. The lacrimal fluid consists of three layers, a mucus-like, a watery and an oily layer. Lead one of the three components is no longer available in sufficient quantities, can a so-called dry eye”. The dry eye”is the most common disease of the eyes. One speaks of this illness, if producing tears or tears distribution not enough work, because there is too little tears and the eye is irritated so permanently. Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because it is a chronic condition, continuous treatment, for example with tears substitutes is required. Symptoms of dry eye may be increased sensitivity to light, burning and itching, but also watery eyes.

Symptoms of dry eye symptoms of dry eye are very similar to those of the irritated eye. However, unlike at the irritated eye, where the problems are most acute and occur in the short term, the complaints to the dry eye be chronic and drag over a longer period of time. “Symptoms of dry eye are include itching and burning of the eyes, foreign body sensation in the eye, a scratch” in the blink of the eyes with tears. Dry eyes can treat and prevent dry eyes can be treated with tears replacement fluid in the form of eye drops. You improve the wetting of the retina and compensate for a troubled production of tears. Is diagnosed, sufferers should try, environmental factors, which lead to the dry eye, to avoid. So to reduce smoking in the Office or in rooms, air conditioners use as little as possible or not at all, properly clean contact lenses and regularly replace and again with the eyes blink or close the eyes and occasionally for a few seconds. “The complete InfoBox dry eye” to do this, see