European CE-Dropshipping Giant Pixmania-PRO

By | February 13, 2015

… is to jump for Germany at Paris, 02.11.10. Wholesaler of consumer electronics in Germany can dress warmly the dealer in turn will’s look: the European drop-shipping giant Pixmania-PRO, which already operates in 24 countries and counts 300,000 dealer and business partner to its customers, is now also in Germany for the great leap, to become the undisputed number one. The six-year anniversary of the site, Pixmania-PRO waiting with special promotions. Although of Europe is largest B2B E-commerce site and has renowned customers such as Coca Cola,, BMW, both the provider and the Dropshipping in Germany are still relatively unknown. This could quickly change as soon as the E-business advantage recognizes the Pixmania-PRO offers: namely the size of the range and the cost savings arising from the Dropshipping shipment processing on behalf of dealers. The range alone includes more than 35,000 high-tech products biggest brands at very reasonable prices because the considerable price advantages, arising through the bulk purchase, are passed to the customer.

About cameras and camcorders, TV – and video equipment, phones and mobile phones, computer, Hi-Fis and household appliances are available. The range is constantly expanded and has recently also the product lines of House and garden, toys, and children need fashion and sporting goods are to follow soon. Startup without equity risk of goods is a particular advantage lies in the Dropshipping is offered in the CE segment by Pixmania-PRO as a sole distributor. In Pixmania-PRO sent on behalf of the dealer directly to the ordering customer, without stepping even in appearance (white label”). In this way, the trader saves in addition because warehouse and logistics costs. Who ordered a camera roughly at, gets to them promptly from Paris. Dropshipping is available in 24 countries in Europe depending on the distance within only 24-72 hours.

And also a complementary after-sales service is to have with Pixmania-PRO. In particular E-Commerce startups can benefit from the Elimination of the risk of goods and start your business almost without start-up capital. Established mail-order companies in turn outsource within all product areas. In addition to Dropshipping, Pixmania-PRO offers the complete processing of incentive programs and customer loyalty actions. “About Pixmania-PRO Pixmania-PRO a division of the 1999 is founded and to the METRO rival DSG international” associated trading company of Pixmania Group headquartered in Paris, France, which in May 2010 an annual turnover of 897 million has. Pixmania-PRO offers consumer electronics available with Dropshipping and comprehensive after sales service in the meantime 24 European countries and counts among its customers 300,000 retailers and other business partners. In addition to Dropshipping, Pixmania-PRO offers the complete processing of incentive programs and customer loyalty actions. Press contact: Pixmania-PRO Patricia Cordeiro, communication manager 43-47 Avenue de La Grande army 75016 Paris / France phone: + 33 1 45 01 36 86 E-Mail: Internet: of German Agency contact: Anja Floetenmeyer Tel.: + 49 511 923 999-25

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