Equalizer Radio

Station memory on a radio station memory buttons allow storing frequencies of different radio stations. This eliminates the annoying Sedner search. Some models are assigned buttons several times. Total harmonic distortion, the distortion factor is a measure of the distortion of audio signals. The total harmonic distortion with the same performance rule, the smaller, the higher the sound quality.

Hands-free function if the car radio has a speakerphone, can the phone via cable or Bluetooth are connected with the radio. In addition, a microphone must be connected. Talking freely about a car stereo system is very comfortable and good quality, because the sound through the normal radio boxes and is so loud and easy to understand. Also registered the radio every phone call and automatically the CD or the radio program then quietly. Remote control the remote control can be operated a car radio from the rear seats out.

Very useful especially for radio with DVD players, movies and videos. Noise the noise ratio is the maximum distance of the music signal from the so-called noise in decibels. Larger this value, the higher is the quality of the car radio. Preset Equalizer “Preset Equalizer” includes stored sound settings that allow, for example, a certain genre of music sound better by the manufacturer. The settings are based on music genres such as rock, pop, classic. If the car radio has a built-in navigation system, we should deal first intensive navigation with its properties. Built-in Navis have the advantage that they don’t need additional cords and use the HiFi speakers, is important, however, that the navigation system is qwualitativ quality. If you also want to see the information, the radio should have a large display. Performance when you specify of the performance should be not blinded by the Watts information, because they say not so much. The producer speaks of “maximum performance” or “maximum output”, then it is peak, the device was not in continuous operation can bring.