Engineer Carlos Angarita

The black spots are also several, starting with the most striking policy across the government team that is sectarianism. Some time ago we did not see a thing. Not seen in any government by popular election: neither the government nor in the Cardenas Bravo or the de Lozada. But his style is not to charge like a bull to breed to anything that seems red but to pursue underground, but surely anyone who did not vote for him or have had links with the previous government. Click Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to learn more. Some examples of this are liberal slaughter earlier this year at the Hospital of Neiva, the dismissal of the manager of Aguas del Huila, the dismissal of Dr.

Susana Vargas and Engineer Carlos Angarita, last remnant of the previous administration, open discrimination towards the mayors who accompanied our cause systematic contempt for the Liberal Deputies in May (most voted in the Department), etc, etc. The appointment or hiring of the four vice-advertised with pomp in the previous year, more than be inconvenient politically because his team certainly understood as four super powers over them, has not produced results beyond giving a fee to four loyal friends of the campaign. The same can be said of several trips abroad made by the president. Does anyone know the results, projects, resources that these events have occurred? On the issue of transparency other huge black spots were the excessive hiring in the festivities of San Pedro, the award of Chance sultry, recruitment package underwater world and the process liquor.