Designer Envelopes

Envelope begins its history in England, in 1820 the owner of the paper mill Braver offered a solution package of letters in the form of a paper bag with flap, letter invested in an envelope and seal wax or wax seal. Thus, the first envelopes served one purpose – to keep its contents from prying eyes and possible damage. In Russia, the massive use of envelopes received in 1845, when they began used when sending mail correspondence. Later, wealthy people has become fashionable to decorate the envelopes monograms and family crests, because the envelope was not only a package for writing, but also the element that represents sender. Since that time, the envelopes were divided into packaging, set up to send mail and stylish envelopes allocated and used for special occasions.

Our company specializes in just such envelopes! Design envelope is divided into several types, as intended. Greeting envelopes: The envelopes are put greetings, cards, or invitations for a ceremony or event. Typically, this design envelopes, made for a specific case, with the creation of such envelopes use the same designs as for investments that emphasizes style and message integrity. Presentation Envelopes: This envelope, which is used to introduce new services or products, the design is usually accomplished by taking into account the corporate identity the sender, or develop a specific product. Presentation envelopes often perform design of securities, with elements of an expensive treatment. These envelopes help in positioning the product, immediately determine that the product or service are not mass, and not designed for a large range of demanding clients. Packaging envelopes: The envelopes in which are embedded a specific product, such as bank card, or a tourist voucher.

As often used for discount or gift cards and certificates. Envelopes for CD: Envelopes for CD's, an indispensable attribute of a successful company representing some information either on CD-ROM. In any case, a beautiful envelope, as Business card is a product that represents your company, an envelope forming the image of your company's opinion about it before, as people familiar with the proposal, read the invitation to the presentation or celebration. In your can configure the receiver for a positive way, as soon as he takes in the hands of your message, and do it to help a beautiful envelope, which in turn we can help make Vam.Nasha company has extensive experience in manufacturing different envelopes, we can produce for you an individual envelope "from scratch", to make envelopes out of a design paper, envelopes of tracing paper, or composite materials with a coating. Can print on envelopes prepared from various materials, including Texture. Can put images on standard envelopes. We are pleased to undertake the work of any complexity, and produce: company envelopes with the logo, envelopes, cd, envelopes designer paper, envelopes with felling, envelopes with spot uv varnish and so much more, call or write us and we will find a solution that is right for you! "Our advantages are: * Manufacturing of envelopes (design paper, paper) – this screenprint! * Printing on envelopes is ready screenprint! * Design is silk screen printing envelopes! * The brightness of colors – a silkscreen print! * Stylish envelopes on the black (blue, red, etc.) cardboard – this is screenprint! * A significant thickness (layer) applied paint – is screenprint! * Savings in printing small and medium runs – it's screenprint! * Resistance to the environment – a screenprint! * Selective or continuous coating – this screenprint!