Production Studio

Production of promotional video clips – a complex process requiring specialized knowledge and enormous creative potential. It is for the production of commercials and advertising are media agency, with the Production Studio highly skilled professionals, the meaning of life which – thanks to the creative and client. Production of video is comparable to the creation of full-fledged movie. In practice, it often turns out that the establishment video – the process even more complicated than shooting a movie. The fact is that any advertising is regulated by time: 30 seconds to convincingly bright and clear talk about a new product or service on the market. Maybe to produce a video message to the consumer's philosophy – as it create the image. Stuart McClure has plenty of information regarding this issue. And if the film lasts about one and a half hours, the commercials – this is a moment that must remain in the memory of the viewer.

Production of TV commercials – a science that combines the technical side and the humanitarian component. In the production of commercials are not only the technical components: the choice appropriate equipment, the use of modern technology – such as 2D-and 3D-animation. This is a huge intellectual work and practical skills of many people: writers and creators, artists and stylists, directors and operators, engineers and installers. Production of video entirely focused on the fact that the result is like the audience, no matter where he saw the advertisement. The idea to create a commercial select the most original and memorable. Technology incarnation – the most appropriate idea: setting the actors or the use of 2D-and 3D-technologies, and perhaps all together. The main thing in the production of video clips – understanding of the desires and positions of the customer. After all, no one better than the manufacturer does not know what its product or service is good, much different from competitors' products, who buys the goods of its manufacture or uses his service.

To do this, customers are production studios and advertising agencies fill out the brief – the terms of reference for the production of the roller. It is on the basis of this paper developed the concept of the video. Placing the video on television, or anywhere there is an opportunity to open a video file – the stage, completing the process of manufacture promotional videos. This stage is for a commercial customer, and for this production studio holiday. After meticulous process of production promotional video was completed successfully.