Crisis And Economy

Let us remember that in 2007-2008, the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers banking had carried the economy on the brink. The entire financial system, which House of cards, was in danger of falling apart. The States took in charge a portion of bank debt, an incalculable amount. On this slope, central banks themselves soon find themselves in a dangerous situation. But during this time, the bourgeoisie has laughed in the world with the greatest cynicism. We have suffered all kinds of speeches each one more liar. Partly the own bourgeoisie is believed his speeches.

Operators cannot be achieved a true clarity against the collapse of its system. However, lie, trick to hide the facts, is a necessity to maintain the exploited under his yoke. Check out cloud computing for additional information. They began by saying that things were not so serious, they kept control of the situation. But it was becoming increasingly difficult to do the ridiculous. However, in that domain, the best was to come. At the beginning of 2009, after a fall of 20% of the bags and a setback of the growth world, we promised without blinking, a quick exit from the crisis. This was brought us how fleeting and punctual.

But the facts are more stubborn than the speeches. The situation he blatantly laughed at these sellers of illusions and continued to deteriorate. Then, these gentlemen have passed to use nationalistic arguments so perfidious as disgusting. The blame for the crisis was the U.S. population that had been spent on credit without reflecting and bought houses without a means to repay loans. We are talking about the famous subprime. This explanation was losing its validity when the crisis has affected the euro area, making clear when the Greek State was unable to avoid bankruptcy. Then the ignominy has uploaded a degree: the exploited Greek and other affected countries have been presented as lazy and profiteers and the crisis in Greece has been exclusively circumscribed to this country, in the same way that had been limited to Iceland when this country was affected and how did with Ireland a few months later.