Card Insurance

But if the same for the year was 2.4 you have an accident and everything is your fault or the perpetrators have not been established, the insurance company the quickest dramatically increase your rate. To significantly reduce the cost of insurance, it makes sense to issue you a franchise – amount in the event of an accident the motorist is ready to pay out of himself. It can be set as a percentage of the sum insured (value of the car) or in absolute values. For example, at a cost of $ 10,000 car at franchise in the 2 percent it is 200 dollars. In this case, all damages up to $ 200 covers the insured himself, but the excess of this figure – already the insurer.

True, that's when the vehicle is taken on credit, then almost all banks "block" you a franchise. It is better to pre-read the terms of the loan agreement on car insurance. Abroad, you need a Green Card (Green Card) going abroad, the motorist must buy insurance policy "Green map "- a special insurance third party liability car owners, retiring abroad, because our CTP with you abroad deystvuet.Tsena not given a" map "depends on the brand of the car and territories Insurance coverage and time (a minimum insurance period of 15 days). Green Card may be issued in 15 Russian insurance companies, as well as at the border. CASCO policy in a situation where the owner of the vehicle is guilty of an accident, not covers the risk of liability to other victims. According to it, the person responsible compensate only damage to his car. Some insurers extend coverage area on the hull of the policy of Europe, CIS and Baltic states. But in order to insure their liability necessarily need a "green card".