Competitive Trading Using IT

“Ohoven of President of the BVMW: future of the economy is based on their innovation potential Bonn/Berlin – the Federal Association for SMEs (BVMW), the Council of economic advisers and the Aktionslinie Hessen-IT of the Hessian Ministry of Economics download together with the Organizer synergy VertriebsDienstleistung to the 2nd Symposium modification of SMEs through IT” a. The event with presentations by 17 experts takes place on September 9 in the Schloss vollrads in Rheingau in the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main. The target group are decision makers from mid-sized companies that want to gain competitive advantages through the use of modern information and communication technology. The website is available for more information. There, the registration is possible. Attendance is limited to 100 persons from the target group.

The innovative strength of the middle class is not least based on information and communication technologies”writes in his greeting to the Hessian, Dr. Alois Rhiel Minister of Economics Event. The future of our economy is based on their potential for innovation. And that is at risk,”it says in the greeting is Mario Ohoven, President of the BVMW and of the European Federation of national associations of SMEs. To promote innovation in SMEs, the IT specialist conference for this year’s deals IT-supported cooperation with the three main topics, human resources and other ERP services, as well as the question of how to avoid is that the IT competence may become a menacing eye of the needle for the middle class. The topics are illuminated by lectures, practice reports and discussion stages by different sides.