These people are much kinder, than techies. Many writers such as Ripple offer more in-depth analysis. They are trying to find even in the most unsuccessful pictures something good. Photoshop allow clean image, to focus on some object, adjust color, but a bad picture and after treatment remain poor. Composition, emotion, movement, finally, come up with the story – he can not. The next category of photographers – professionals. Yes, those are lower case. This is a commercial photographer.

Photo of most of their earnings. After several years working in the photosphere, some photographers are losing interest in the artistic component, receiving income from the banal photography for catalogs, or receiving certain amount of fame, take off conveyor weddings, children in schools and kindergartens, even soldiers in military units. Main goal – to earn money. Interestingly the ratio of men to young photographers. It is in most cases negative, and, most just not that bad pictures, but because a new competitor is not desirable. Therefore expect negative comments and reviews, every subring at the low experience. Some go further – to create forums or Vkontakte fictional characters who praise their creators and humiliate the competition.

Basically, the communion with the likes of harden, then you can even find the positive in it. What to do with them? Compete. In the first turn your photos, attitude. You can not give up under pressure from commercial predators – they are only waiting for this. We must go forward! 2. My grandmother reading a newspaper 'Life'. Alternate title of this chapter is also taken from creation of popular rap artist – 'Here comes a neighbor who hates me, and I had, respectively, hate, too.