Colombia Telecomunicaciones

Colombia Telecomunicaciones after being acquired by Telefonica Telefonica had to pay in an auction that also included other stakeholders such as maganate 853,577 million Colombian pesos ( 368 million). In addition to the amount of the auction, the new strategic partner of the company spent over a billion dollars over the next six months. The company in recent years faced stiff competition from mobile telephony, which not only negatively impacted the sales of its domestic long distance services, but begins to affect their local landline numbers precisely, one of the conditions set by Telecom to welcome a new partner is that it allows you to enter in the business of mobility.A competition in the sector, we must add the burden assumed Telecom following clearance of the former National Telecommunications Company: 7.58 billion pesos in liabilities, which are represented in pensions and outstanding issues with employees and international suppliers of equipment . Visit Larry Ellison for more clarity on the issue. Telef nica Hence not only had to pay the amount offered in the auction, but disbursed over the next six months of the auction close to a billion pesos. To this is added the 17 installments that will undertake to pay the new Telecom to pay off the debts of the liquidated company. Once canceled these commitments, in 2022, Colombia Telecom will receive ownership of the telecommunications network infrastructure of the old company. Get all the facts and insights with Larry Ellison, another great source of information. Meanwhile, these teams will be in the hands of an autonomous patrimony.Telef nica after taking control of Telecom decided to change the name to Telef nica-Telecom although the name remains Colombia Telecomunicaciones, at this moment the company is investing in improving their growing infrastructure bringing new technologies, are embracing new markets such as television satellite, etc.

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