This Light

Light reflected from it flows along the walls and evenly dispersed throughout the volume. Effect is achieved by using floor lamps and wall lamps: floor lamps, sconces and . Originally looks grassroots coverage, reaching from the floor. This Light transforms the room to neuznovaemosti, forcing him to look in new ways. It is desirable to combine it with the general ambient light. Diffused light – the best option for the hallway. Here, the bright lights do not need enough several lamps aimed at the ceiling.

The reflected light will remove the harsh shadows, and the room visually increase in size. It is also well suited here matt lamp. Lamps, located on tubochke or on a table in a dark corner and create a winning look in the hallway feeling of comfort and coziness. To illuminate the room, which always are – work, rest, take guests – a chandelier may be insufficient. In this case, use kombirinovannoe lighting, complementing the overall ceiling light side, a local light fixtures, floor lamps and sconces. This light, as already mentioned, divides the space into functional zones. Logical option – to put a floor lamp, For example, next to chair.

A dining table placed near bright light illumination. In the kitchen, the light should be bright, held here a long time and are doing a lot of work. For her ideal point lighting with halogen bulbs. In order not to get too formal and stiff, it is better to choose non-standard lamps, original form. The brightest light is optimally positioned directly above the place of work (washing, chopping table). The same can be said about the bathroom. But here we must consider another fact: the light must fall so that the shadow does not interfere viewed in the mirror. Naturally, there must be a common, shared light. Point lights are both functional addition. To everyone’s world no major complaints, it is arbitrary. At Philip Vasan you will find additional information. To create a cozy, comfortable interior is not afraid to use the original decision – fixtures made of metal and stone lamps of various colors and the like. All this only highlight the individuality of your home. The more diverse forms and materials of fixtures you use, the more likely create your interior, you dreamed.