Christian Kahlig

Next Munich shows local startups as they develop products that customers not only need, but will love. Munich “startups find it difficult: you know your potential customers nor their problems.” Often, they develop solutions that are based purely on assumptions. Successful business models evolve?” Christian Kahlig und Christian Kramer have turned already this question, before they are run on a Neztwerkveranstaltung for entrepreneurs on the path. Together with a hand-picked group of experienced Munich entrepreneurs both to the task are committed, to establish facts from assumptions and to answer the question after a suitable approach for a promising business model. Their goal is to help startups as quickly as possible, focused and cost-efficient way to develop customer-oriented products and services. for a more varied view. To the two get a tried and tested training program by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Munich, which changed the way how companies be established. “The American program NEXT combined in a 4-week intensive program theory and practice of the development of the business model completely new: theory is taught in self-paced via online videos;” the practical work on the own business model takes place in the company with experienced mentors; fixed every report the teams each other about their experiences and get feedback from potential customers, the other teams and the head of the program,”Christian Kahlig summarizes the didactics. Founder teams learn what needs customers have really, how their problems can be solved, and what price that customers are willing to pay.

That may sound easy; but not certainly not is for first-time entrepreneurs. Participants set aside their product NEXT Munich, access to her notebook and talk to potential customers, whether business or private users. You conduct interviews with potential customers and get valuable feedback. At the end, the participants have a mature Business model, can the Silicon Valley methodology apply with her load-tested team sure and have forged valuable relationships between the participants, mentors, and customers. The method that underlies the NEXT program is called customer development and has produced among others the lean startup movement. Developed and she several times successfully tested with US startups Steve blank, an internationally recognised serial entrepreneur who teaches at the most prestigious universities in America such as Stanford, Columbia and UC Berkeley. An example of the successful use of the methodology is the service dropbox. NEXT Munich takes from 06.03 to 30.03.2013 above the roofs of Munich with Alps look at YOU IS NOW, the incubator of the Scout24 Group in the Dingolfing Strasse 1, instead.

YOU IS NOW supports founders and startups with capital and know-how to the online marketing of one of Europe’s leading marketplace operator. “This dedicated team, the great rooms and the fantastic views on the 14th floor fit perfect for our requirements for a collaborative and inspiring environment”, Christian Kahlig pays tribute to the partnership with YOU IS NOW.