Hot Rod Cars

When Hot Rod called specially tuned older cars from the U.S.. The name originated from the "hot rod" of the tuned engines, these vehicles have since the 40's until now. The emergence actually been used for the construction of the Hot Rods cheap, old vehicles, which were reduced considerably in weight (in which everything is expanded, what you do not need to go) and a much more powerful engine installed. In this way, found the soldiers returning from World War II (as well as better-off young people who had not the war) take the early 40s to a cheap way drag race. Therefore, one can call their owners as pioneers of drag racing.

The Hot Rodding is still a kind of automotive sub-culture and still has his supporters, who live the Rodding, body and soul. They are also known as the "rebels" of the Us Car Scene because they (usually) do not think much of glossy paint and take the wrench himself still in his hand. The vehicles in the Rule at that time were small cars like the Ford made T & A for the development of Hot Rods, the most popular models are probably from the years 1932 and 1934. Customizing the scene knows various categories, eg Old School Rods, "" High Tech Rods "," Street Rods "," Resto Rods' etc.. The standard engine for Hot Rods id is usually a large capacity V8 engine, equipped with such beautiful things, such as compressors, mech. Fuel injection systems, carburetors and batteries, of course, above all, highly visible manifolds. The engine is like an altar, and is undoubtedly the heart of every Hot Rods: The more chrome the better.

Appearance and performance are clearly in the majority of the many hot rods in the foreground. The Karroserriearbeiten The alterations in the early 40's was purely for the purpose of improving the times in drag racing. For this purpose the windshield, the wind in their resistance was reduced. This type of verkleinerns called "Top-Chop", where the roof is lowered. Also omitted from the Fenders served. But this is no longer allowed everywhere. Today something like this is actually only made for aesthetic reasons.