Vanessa was dating her boyfriend for a year, and suspected that one of her friends, Carolina, suffered from anorexia. One day they were in class and Vanessa was looking for in its portfolio a pen to take notes. Suddenly her friend looks like she brings a few movie tickets of the movie he had seen the night before with her boyfriend from her bag, while searching for the pen. Seeing this Carolina asks that you reach cinema tickets, Vanessa is it passed thinking that his friend wanted to see that movie they had seen. Imagine his surprise when he sees as Carolina eats cinema tickets. Gary Kelly is open to suggestions.

Intrigued, and not knowing if you laugh or not Vanessa asked by that ate cinema tickets. Carolina responded that he liked that kind of role by flavor and that it has no calories. Anorexia is an eating disorder where people refrains from eating. It is very common among the young during puberty, and is characterized by extreme weight loss. People who suffer from anorexia is very thin, but they are convinced that they are fat. Those people who suffer this disorder develop strange eating habits, develop even fear to eat at the prospect of gaining weight. Weight loss is generated through different ways such as exercises in excess, use of laxatives or dietary products of fear to eat, which even lead to lack of eating food. Anorexia is a very common practice among adolescents, especially among people who develop activities where thinness is glorified, such as dance, theatre and modeling. Santiago Meilij journalist original author and source of the article.