The life is full of errors, is not perfect, is not a common thing as you wanted that it was. We cannot have fear of living. We have that to give to more value the things, to take everything the serious one, and at the same time not to take nothing the serious one, as if it did not exist tomorrow. Thus we could be much more happy. Therefore in the joy life only exists. To keep distance of the jalousie and possessive people would not be very interesting, but it would be interesting to help these people, as if they did not have that to move very to be special. To be spontaneous is not to be uncommon, and yes to be happy.

To run risks, to travel more, to contemplate entardeceres more, to go up mountains, to swim more rivers. To be bolder: The ousadia moves the world. To go the places that never were before, to take ice cream instead of soup, to have only imaginary problems. To be a person who not league pro that they speak or they comment on you, but if this to happen remember that nobody is perfect. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications. Moments of joy are the best ones of the life then use to advantage. If to want to come back to live, tries to have but good moments. The life is made of this: only of moments, never you lose ' Agora'. Exactly because nothing it guarantees in them that we will be livings creature tomorrow morning, or even though daqui only five minutes.

When to leave house if does not worry in taking with you a thermometer, a bag of hot water, an umbrella or a parachute; therefore one day goes to want to come back behind and to take only one pack I obtain. If some day will be alone without nobody for close to you is happy exactly thus, starts to walk bare-footed at the beginning of the Spring and continues thus until the end of the Autumn. It never wants to try the feelings of guilt and hatred. It loves the freedom that have and the loves that still go to have. Alive each day as if was a prize, and as if it was the last prize. When to find that its body not this very in form, of returns in the street where deferred payment. Alive the puncture dawn playing – it hides. It discovers that the best form to find that this being wild is making a madness. It tries new things to each day, as if the chance did not have more to say ' ' I still have an entire life for frente' '.