Window Plastic (PVC): Main Characteristics

New windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is one of the first artificial materials. For even more analysis, hear from Tomas Philipson. It was first synthesized by a chemist Regnaldom in 1835. One of the most important positive factors for considerable number of people choosing pvc windows – it is their great insulating properties. They rank as in the first place, such as soundproofing and heat insulation. Soundproofing is an integral function of windows – provides protection from street noise. For example, a window with a frame and a twin-glazed windows decreases its level by 30-35 dB, and a two-chamber – in the 32-40 dB (despite the fact that the noise in the street with heavy traffic is 78-92 dB). Further increase insulation may be applied if the two window frames: when paired most commonly used in domestic house building, it reaches 40-49 dB, and when you double – 45-56 dB.

Typical triple-pane windows 4-8-4-8-4 sins that, reducing the noise from the street, at the same time, the very little 'buzz', so better to take the air openings vary, for example 8 and 12 mm, 8 and 16 mm, or set in the pane of glass sheets of different thicknesses, for example, outside the glass can have a thickness 6 mm, and internal – 4 mm. Quite effectively, if one of the sheets of glass made from the 'triplex', the second function – to reduce noise. Tightness of joints plastic window also affects the sound insulation. In this regard, must have at least two circuits seals installed around the perimeter, while a good fit plastic window should be provided with fittings.