As Piaget

To elaborate the matrix of the structure it is important is intent to the minimum details to be able to solve the problem. The diagnosis properly said must be made by professionals of the area and with the pupil, excessively of form that constranja and cannot give to edge for colloquies parallel bars (if want to know of one question of all) and after the responsible ones observing the environment. To describe the facts and situations and to follow the sintomatologia with the description and explanation of history or systematics with a explicativa historical description and the desviaes of the point of deficiency for the one of reference and the assincronias. Later, without and with agent corrector and the general and specific indications. With the elaboration of the test the EOCA line of inquiry to detect a probable problem, tests, anaminese and elaboration informs of it. As well as in a metodolgica research it is but of search of reply for results; with the delimitalo existence, field instruments, save, energy structural, interventions of transit to the energy one and the structural one, modification or not of the behavior, without forgetting the thematic dynamics product.

As Piaget intelligence is not acquired cream nor, but yes the result of a construction due to the interaction of the daily pay-conditions of the citizen and to the circumstances of the social environment. (Jorge Visca, 1991, P. 47) the individual assimilates of the womb until the 8 years of age with operatria intelligence daily pay and of the 11 to the 12 culminates approximately in the 15 years in these phases that the thought that if becomes independent of the concrete. Conclusion: In the Psicopedagogia book contributions the author uses other situations, but the preference of this was for Piaget for the line of research for the affective one, development and reaction before the new or as to redefine or to define of other angles. The difficulty in the learning can be much of the times emotional and this sector leads to many ways and if one is closed as a blockade the learning all will be compromised. The tests and EOCA and Anaminese are basic for detention of a problem, but the knowledge not only of the problem, but also of as to be able to improve the didactic material and the lessons being limited the debilidades. Thus with knowing of the necessities of the pupils fiuca more easy to say one will take care of or to not necessiodades them.