Arranging Bathrooms

Not so long ago the bathroom at home and the room is not considered. Thus, the auxiliary room … But it turns out, even in four square meters (square bath in the usual standard apartment) can create a real model of beauty and perfection … Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. This is an accomplishment Soviet times the average citizen was a separate bathroom. And practically the only decoration of bathrooms were flowers on ceramic tile size 15×15 cm Today, the wall separating the toilet and the bathroom more often break down. A plethora of different finishing materials forcing those who want to follow fashion, book specialist design-project of a future bathroom. For some the amount you draw a future bathroom in all its glory, will pick up the necessary accessories to completely transform the interior of the bathroom.

Author's support of the repairs will cost significantly more. Search for designer long is not necessary – in most firms, specializing in the sale and manufacture of fittings, you can get expert advice of a professional. We remove a few "universal" secrets bathroom equipment. So, firstly, to visually enlarge the cramped spaces bathrooms, should opt for the large-size tiles bright colors. A "vykraivaya" space for washing machine machine, follow the example of Europeans and replace bathroom shower shower. Incidentally, the West, many so do not because of small bathrooms, but because the habit of soaking in a fragrant foam costs there too expensive. In terms of cost of water. But "build capacity" due to ceiling mirror designers are not advised.