Affiliate Marketing

Get seen that they recommend you start with Affiliate Marketing but do not know how to do it? In this article I will try to give you some basic keys to understanding how it works and what you can do specifically to start today. Step 1: Create account on let’s start by clarifying that we will create an account at ClickBank because it is the most widely used in the Hispanic market platform. Create an account on is free, so you can go at this time to create it. It takes into account that one of the important points is that when you create the account you indicate to ClickBank the address where you would like to send you checks. The minimum amount by which you want to receive your checks you can also tell you to ClickBank.

You can indicate that you only want to receive checks each time you reach US $250, for example. Step 2: Look for products in a Marketplace after you created your account you should see a link on the top menu called Marketplace. That’s one of the most important sections that you can visit within since there is where you can find the products you want to promote. In this section you can search the products according to your language. You can also make an advanced search where you can go for each category to see what products exist.

There are categories related to diets, Personal development, investments, among many other topics. Once you are looking for in a category it is recommended organizing products by its gravity. This is one of the most important indicators of ClickBank. The greater the severity of a product, best results are getting who promoted it. IMPORTANT: a high gravity does not guarantee sales. Example: a web site where displays information of music, a course of investment not exactly generate many sales despite the fact that its gravity is high.