Advertising Blocks Google Adsense

If the Webmaster has created a project that is successful then him in the head immediately comes to mind that the best that you can add a Google Adsense. Quite a bit given the gift to get at least a small profit from Google Adsense, the main unit located at page only detracts from the appearance. Experienced webmasters who have tried and which failed to benefit from Adsense often give advice to those who want to use the content or already using it. Pay attention to ad format. Blocks of type 336X280 attract attention and have no bad ctr, but why use this kind of blocks if users get used to it and begin to ignore it? You can use other types of blocks located in the text, people will jump on them eating they will look like normal links and not as an ad unit. It is important to choose a color.

For example, if your page background is white and the background blocks Google Adsense is desirable to make white. The idea of such a structure is to make commercials a part of your page that will give a lot of transitions in blocks and a great benefit. Arrange blocks Google Adsense in a conspicuous place. Do not try to hide ad units. Arrange them where they are easy to spot. Location of your units on a direct effect on your earnings from them. It's a few tips for those who want to earn some money at the expense of the audience of your site. It is important that the ad units are addressed to people their unique and remember that each time someone clicks on advertising links are direct revenue from your website.