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Municipal Collaboration

By | September 12, 2015

The proposal of Luis Fernando was interesting. It suggested becomes a previous study to the increase or adjustment of tariffs of the public transport, that participate specialistic in economy of the UAN and the Technological one of Tepic. The ACASPEN already has their feasible studies of increase in the tariffs, but it is tried that […]

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Google – More Than A Search Engine

By | September 7, 2015

The influence of the search giant in the digital age earlier sought it in libraries in huge file cabinets information. In the digital age there is Google. The search engine giant from mountain view in California is the first stop for millions of people around the world. founded in 1998, Google has developed worldwide over […]

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Gandhi Democracy

By | September 6, 2015

The politicians are dishonest and the mentality of the Brazilian is very individualistic, adores to take advantage in tudo.’ ‘ (Cazuza, composer and singer of rock) ‘ ‘ To be Brazilian me always leaves a little subdesenvolvido.’ ‘ (Millr Fernandes, writer and humorista) After some texts speaking on some subjects, let us come back to […]

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Muamar Gadafi

By | September 4, 2015

EP Saif to the Islam appears in the hotel of international means. Bernard Golden recognizes the significance of this. He assures that his father is out of danger. Monday made sure that it had been captured. Saif to the Islam, the son with greater political importance of the Libyan leader, Muamar Gadafi, has denied that […]

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