Gandhi Democracy

The politicians are dishonest and the mentality of the Brazilian is very individualistic, adores to take advantage in tudo.’ ‘ (Cazuza, composer and singer of rock) ‘ ‘ To be Brazilian me always leaves a little subdesenvolvido.’ ‘ (Millr Fernandes, writer and humorista) After some texts speaking on some subjects, let us come back to speak of politics, therefore the year also is of election, although the great media to make of account that not, therefore is only said of Pantry of the World, to alienate the planto crossbows! In politics terms, we live a reacionarismo moment, where many vendem democracy as merchandise for future delivery. That democracy is this in which we live? He will be same in a democracy that we live? We conscientious voters, fit the task to fiscalize, of not if to omit, to read or to attend good periodicals, stops informing in them better on what it is happening. Our paper also is of awareness, teaching to the people the true meanings of the democracy and the citizenship. We must lead in account, also, the collection of proposals in really serious questions, as the social inaquality, that becomes Brazil one of the countries most unjust of the world.

Here we could remember the Greek philosopher Aristotle, for which unjust politics in the distribution of the wealth is to deal with the different ones equal way, when, in the practical one, the opposite would have to prevail. That is, to deal with the different ones different form. In short: to become equal the different ones. But when this will be possible in a country as ours, so different, so desumano? Here it fits to include the protest of the Gilson Caroni Son, extracted of an article published in the site Bigger Letter, of day 15/05/2010: ‘ ‘ Arguments that tutor the rights politicians of a collective cannot suppress of the citizens the right of the free expression (…) Until when will be impossible to understand the country without the due dose of cynicism? ‘ ‘ We are being been deceptive every day for the politicians, the great elitist media! Later that they had given Nobel of the Peace for the Obama (that was denied the Gandhi), this thing of ‘ ‘ oscar’ ‘ it is thing of celebrity, made notice, fool to sleep.. .