Wingwave Emergency Service

“” For emergencies of now Wingwave coaching even at the weekend – parallel to the TV documentary ‘The soul Whisperer TurboCoaching for anxiety & stress’ parallel to the TV documentary the soul Whisperer TurboCoaching for anxiety & stress “(every Thursday in October 2009) each in the 22:30 at the SWR 3 the Frankfurt Institute now also offers an emergency service for energy flow optimization (EFO Institute)” for this TurboCoaching. Also on weekends Wingwave coaching offer Sandra Willis, the head of the EFO Institute, for anxiety and stress stricken fellow human beings. For even more opinions, read materials from baby clothes. The request had skyrocketed after coaching sessions to deal with anxiety after the broadcast, so Willis, and real emergencies including are partial. The logical consequence of a hotline, now offers the boss. If I can ease an emergency with 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday, that makes me very happy. Wingwave is called the Turbo coaching method, which was developed by Cora better Siegmund and Harry Siegmund.

The impressive to the method is the fast effect at the client, who felt a marked improvement in his being often in a single session. Coaching may be performed only by doctors, psychologists and NLP practitioners. Application is found in hyperactivity, test anxiety, fear of flying, uncertainty, sadness or other blockages. The actual reason of the evil here not by the coach guess are, but is restricted by clever questions and muscle testing (Kinesiology) and verified. This is very important, because often the root of the problem in the past and can result from a traumatic event in childhood, what is suddenly again dominant in the now. EFO-Institut Frankfurt – Sandra Willis – Willibrachtstr. 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95297828 or 0171 1110888 eMail: