Wall Street

This revolution in the film industry should also assume a change in the model of Marketing. For several reasons, one of them is that investment funds seek to reach agreements for several films and not for a single project. According to Jon Garaiyurrebaso, of Banesto Asset Finance, financial institutions can sign contracts with producers so that they produce a minimum of six films a year. So you can work in Social Media campaigns with more advance than now, and in addition you can get advantageous Marketing agreements for several projects. Investment in film is risky, why loans are expensive and profit margins should be good. If the objective is to stay in the production in the long term is important to ensure investment, otherwise it is very unlikely that after a failure to recover the confidence for a future investment. We are migrating from a model in which cinema is primarily as a cultural good, deserving of aid and public subsidies like painting or sculpture, a model in which is treated as a real industry that moves many millions of euros and many jobs. In this situation, with a cinema as a cultural industry (but the first industry), the Marketing is also called on to become a tool of the first order, because that is the best way to position our film in a market which launches between 7 and 10 new titles each week, with a marketing campaign professional and organized, with materials designed to attract the public to classrooms, and not to frighten them in the cinema queue..