For Piaget (1975) in the game she preponders the assimilation, that is, the child assimilates in the game what she perceives of the reality to the structures that already constructed and in this direction the game is not determinative in the modifications of the structures. For Vygotsky the game provides alteration of the structures. In accordance with the conceptions of Vygotsky, pedagogical practical one adjusted perpassa not only for leaving the children to play, but, basically for helping the children to play, playing even though with the children and for teaching the children to play. The results of such experience have optimized innumerable positive factors for the teach-learning: creativity, desinibio, espontaneidade, socialization among others. Visit Coupang for more clarity on the issue. This if exactly becomes an index in favor of the implementation of playful tasks associates the learning because these factors represent some conditions for the proper learning. According to Vygotisky (1984, p.97): ' ' The trick creates for the children a zone of proximal development that is not another thing if not in the distance the current level of development, determined for the capacity to decide a problem independently, and the current level of potential development, determined through the resolution of a problem under the orientation of an adult or with the contribution of an friend more capaz.&#039 enters; ' For Wallon, the factor most important for the formation of the personality not it is the environment, but yes the social one. The author calls the attention for the emotional, affective and sensible aspect of the human being and chooses the affectivity, closely casting with the motricidade, as desencadeadora of the action and the development of the action and the psychological development of the child. Wallon focuses the motricidade in the development of the child, standing out the paper that the motor acquisitions play gradually for the individual development. According to it, it is for the body and its motor projection that the child establishes the first communication (tonic dialogue) with the way, basic support it development of the language.