United States

In this regard, lawyers only studied the national law is clear that they have been forgotten so it can not survive in modern times, for example a lawyer who does not study the global law is clear that not is at the height of these times, in this order of ideas should be studied this discipline juridica, which in how wrong you are called branch of law. Languages reach different development, for example English has reached fairly development, which goes beyond the borders of the United States of America, and in this order of ideas it is clear that the development of languages depends largely on international trade or by the amount of work that exists for foreigners, for example in United States there is great opportunities for foreigners and therefore many Peruvians and other latinos traveling to that country to work and Maybe then return, however, some do not return and stay to work in the aforementioned country, which should be subject of study since apparently the rulers of some countries are not trained and, therefore, they can not solve economic problems existing in their places of origin, in this sense, becomes necessary apparently study or review the form of election of the Governors and that when come to power, it is clear that they have no the judgment elements necessary to confront poverty exists, for example in the Peruvian law or other Latin countries. I.e., the English language has reached an unusual development, which serves so that Americans can have further development in almost all of its history, however, estos recent years there are news in the sense that this is not country passing through a stage appropriate economic, but otherwise, therefore, hope that the same finish, to make way for a new stage in the history. Which would be a development and in this order of ideas, it is clear that we must be waiting for the start of it, since the current affect Peruvian exports, which have increased by the way in recent years from the Government of the former President of the Peruvian Republic Alejandro TOLEDO, which should be a matter of study by writers of comparative law. Thanks to the translators in many cases businessmen from different countries, can be understood which ends in many cases in not only purchase contracts for sale, but also in other contracts as for example leasing companies, international franchise, international supply, international credit, among other many possibilities, which is not matter exclusive of business law, i.e. this discipline legal covers contract law, which as a whole has earned few research works and rare publications, which should be a matter of study by writers. For example, if an entrepreneur is located in Germany and the other in Peru, it is clear that thanks to the translators can conclude a contract and in any case these contracts also can be a matter of comparison or motivate work of comparative law.