The Opportunity

‘But it means that women too have a special need that men have to respect! ” – You will say. Yes, you’re right, it also is related to differences in needs, but it’s not for women, that satisfy the need for speaking it can only communicating with her man. Baby clothes wanted to know more. The same can be done, for example, with friends, with talkative clients to work with random passers-by – just quietly dispose of the necessary vocabulary in many different places. What should I do? In the above letter to a young man dissatisfied with the persistence of his girlfriend Irina. And what is obsession? This is a nasty intruder who bothers to another by his actions, tries to make him communicate. To deepen your understanding baby clothes is the source. Think, and which of your actions may be perceived as intrusive a loved one, even if he does not tell you about it right? Make a list of your symptoms and try to take this into consideration when dealing with a partner.

If traces of his own obsessions you have noticed in their relationships, it is effective for removing pent-up tension to perform the following steps: Give your partner the opportunity to periodically “rest of you,” at least sometimes disappear from his field of vision, do not judge it meet up with friends. If you are trying to contact my boyfriend and he does not answer, because he was tired of your obsession, then ask him not to remain silent at such moments, and you write that he, for example, very busy and can not now speak with you. Arrange that for you it will be signal to the fact that it was time to shut up, but you will not be offended by this “key” phrase. In this case, you are always aware of the desire and unwillingness to communicate with your partner at some point in time, be able to treat them calmly and change their tactics to more effective. An experiment: promise yourself that will wait for a partner initiative that is not write and do not call him until, as he himself did not will do.

For you, this will be coaching and development will measure how often your partner feels the need to communicate with you. For your young person is able to get him the necessary rest and exercise in relationship with the girl’s initiative, which dreams of most men. As a result, you get a happy man and a more harmonious relationship. A positive test result, is not it?