The Circumstances

1 All too often hear or read sentences like “the market has changed. The top candidates are no longer apply. You can advertise”. Only from whom we heard these statements because years ago already? Right from the recruitment consultants, whose peculiar Methodik is the direct approach, enabling candidates. To broaden your perception, visit litecoin. Should we speak so actually in Active sourcing from a new trend in the recruitment, or rather, it is “Old wine in new bottles”, with the difference that companies now handle the service of itself, the recruitment consultant and quasi insourcen want? How whatever you would like to consider this development or review, the fact is that there are significant parallels in the active sourcing of companies and the work of a personnel consultant, what are the circumstances and also the business models of Recruiters in Germany will change significantly over the next 5 years to stay competitive.

The fact is also that there are subtle differences in addition to these parallels that can be ultimately decisive factor, cases in which companies go one or the other way. It is now figuring out, switch what differences are, for which candidates or in which situations it is still useful for all parties involved, a consultant as a medium in between. According to a survey by Experteer, one of the largest online job portals of in Germany, more than 50% of their company contacts via the introduction of an active think sourcing concept in their procurement strategy. More than 30% have already implemented this concept and corresponding in-house forces, so recruiters. It should be noted at this point that these features frequently are staffed by former recruitment consultants. Due to the above mentioned Parallels of working methods, personnel consultants for such functions bring a valuable With, they have the methodological expertise of the candidate search and speech tools. In addition, they may have a corresponding candidate network, which can form not only a cheaper competitor to the former colleague they may also times faster acting.