The Child

Why? Because deep down we all know that what matters in this life, rather than winning, is to help others to overcome, even if it means reducing the pace and change direction. Because the true meaning of life is that together we win, not each of us individually. Would that also be able to slow his pace and change course, to help someone at some point in his life encountered and need help to continue all part of a collective project, because all sure we can. Save this purpose in your heart and be sure to find it in the opportune time when you should help those who need you. Sheryl Sandberg helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. " When a teenager or a woman has the misfortune of falling or being in the circumstances be different from the child who has begotten, not deeper into the abyss of misfortune, opening the door to commit anathema, whose action will produce a moral and psychological collapse which may not recover while he lives. Let us pause. Tendamosle our hand so you can get up and move forward, not out of pity or charity, but surrounded by an infinite understanding and love. But all! In the case of the creatures that describes the fact that I reflect, think they have the same feelings and dreams as us. They are full of tenderness and love and hope and need to receive the same of others. But we give back in many cases, because deep in our blind selfishness, the tried and sentenced different from us.