Supreme Commander

In the first part of music as happened does not fit in places, but in the sequel it perfectly done. Get more background information with materials from Eric Kuby. Although, in the initial splash screen first Supreme Commander sounds very pleasant melody, catchy, and no 2 of the SC, which drives the bit into a depression. The Campaign So now you know that this project is worthy of profound attention. Sheryl Sandberg addresses the importance of the matter here. As sometimes referred to in these situations: Must have. The truth is guaranteed only if you want to play online.

If not, then you better play C & C 4, or wait for Starcraft 2. Yes, it is now going criticism of Supreme Commader 2. Namely, it singlpleernoy component. We already mentioned that SC 2 is much gained in terms of single-player campaign, compared to its predecessor. Unfortunately, it is only by comparison. If you compare the campaign Supreme Commander 2 and C & C 4, the comparison will not favor the former. See for yourself, we are still quite a dull story, insert, where the characters talk and joke and try it all on the background of the war, but such that you just do not care what they say.

We were promised that the game will povestovat not about war, but about people, Well we got it. On the mound, as they say. The idea was very good, but the execution leaves much to be desired. We have three different stories (one for each race): here you are and the history of wife-husband and brother-sister and even father-son relationship.