Santa Catarina

To make such affirmation the School also supports in the conception partner-interacionista foreseen in the proposal curricular of Education of the State of present Santa Catarina and of sufficiently consistent form in the iderio of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the Schools. 4. ECONOMIC PEDAGOGICAL ASPECTS to fulfill its function social, the necessary school to consider the practical ones of our society, are they of economic nature, social, cultural, ethical or moral politics. It has that to also consider the direct or indirect relations of these practical with the specific problems of the local community the one that gives services (RODRIGUES). Adam Portnoy pursues this goal as well. Therefore, it is basic to know the expectations of the communities, the forms of sobrevivncias, values, customs and cultural and artistic manifestations. It is through this knowledge that the school can understand the community and assist it to extend it its instrument of understanding and transformation of the world (RODRIGUES). In this direction, the school in the length of its social function will search: To stimulate the pupil in the proper formularization of hypotheses and to verify them through experiences or comment: To develop the descriptive verbal language and narrative, similar to tell to others the proper relations and discoveries; To evidence the occured variations between phenomena in one determined time in a definite space; To try, from practical constataes, the occurrence of a phenomenon or a change that if it processes in a time space. To assist the professor to develop in educating a position for the learning, curiosity, interest, mobilization of information, autonomy and responsibility in the accomplishment of tasks as student.

4.2. ECONOMIC ASPECTS the production of sanitizantes in the school comes to improve the scientific knowledge and technician of being educated. Together with the pedagogical one the economic aspect is associated that propitiates the pupil a contextualizada vision. It starts to have cost slight knowledge benefit, production and applicability.