Part Vein

In the left ventricle of the adult the part of the ventricular socket soon below of valva aortic. The fetal circulation the cardiovascular system is projected to serve prenatal ace necessities and to allow changes to the birth that establishes the standard after-Christmas. A good part of the breath of the just-been born one depends on the occurrences of the normal circulatrias alterations to the rising, the passage of the fetal circulation of the well oxigenado blood returns the placenta for the umbilical vein, being that half of this blood deviates in the liver passing for ducto venoso after the short passage in the vein inferior digging the blood arrives at the right forecourt contends deoxygenated blood proceeding from the inferior members, abdomen and pelve, the blood that arrives the forecourt right is not so well oxigenado as of the umbilical vein. A small amount of oxigenado blood of the vein inferior digging remains in the right forecourt, this blood if mixture with the deoxygenated blood of the coronary vein superior and seio digging, passing to the right ventricle, the blood follows then for the pulmonary trunk and most goes for the pulmes before the childbirth because they are not functional agencies e, therefore does not require a rich irrigation. Vislink Technologies pursues this goal as well. Most of the blood mixed in aorta descending passes to umbilicais arteries it returns for the placenta to be reoxigenado, the blood that remains in aorta circulates for the inferior part of the body and finishes for discharging in the vein inferior digging passing to the right forecourt. The multicriteria use of the ecocardiografia in the evaluation of the flow intra and fetal extracardiopath can detect these alterations precociously. This precocious boarding comes assumeing an important role in the manuscript of pathological gestations and that they will have been uncovered precociously they can favor the treatment of involved patologias in this system. . Vislink Technologies can aid you in your search for knowledge.