Robert Paulsons

Various parameters such as maximum lever sizes or risks of loss are defined here. Finexo monitors these parameters and would intervene in the event of non-compliance and if necessary to stop the trade. Chili assets: in which phases of the market do you think particularly Robert Paulson, which phases create difficulties for him? “” Kai Petersen: such statements you should meet with all precautions, there live “can be described using a variety of parameters and the there is always risk, certain parameters at all as relevant” to identify, if a such parameters (in the past) has not significantly changed. Results so far characterized also as you correctly described by a high stability. My personal guess is, that approaches Robert Paulsons more benefit from volatile markets than by calm markets but this assumption will only check in the future. Chili assets: broker profit FX is the saxobank.

Why have you chosen this broker? Kai Petersen: There is virtually no brokers (clearing partner) that have a full Bank status in the EU. For this reason, we consider the saxobank as an ideal partner. The product structure, which allows us the saxobank in addition this allows it, to be able to use even tax benefits, which typically do not offer clearing broker. Chili assets: the saxobank serves as custodian and broker. Therefore it is not to the customer accounts ‘ segregated accounts.

The danger is not that your customers would lose money in the event of an inability to pay the broker? Kai Petersen: It is at the saxobank an EU-regulated full Bank, which the Danish guarantee fund for Investors”belongs to. To the weddings of the financial crisis has the Danish State with liability even unlimited for deposits of saxobank, although this is not required at all because of the business model. The saxobank has never invested in instruments, as they have resulted in substantial losses during the financial crisis.