Therefore many peasants have respect to dry logs in forests. The hojarasquin made lost hikers in the forest, however, when a person gets well, shows you the way to exit the forest; Therefore many people invoked him for help in the mountains. They say the peasants that their footprints appear as traces of hooves of a deer or danta to confuse the hunters. Mohan peasants believe that the Mohan is anthropophagic and especially likes the blood of kids chest, who eats roast in bonfires of leaf litter. Women beautiful and young, mainly likes the marriageable girls, who seeks to carry them to the rivers. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). Around the puddles and the boulders where he lives, custody treasures in gold, precious stones and jewels. Some say that it has an underground Palace with many treasures.

La llorona was a very despabilada mixed having been illegitimate and not knowing which road to take to not detract from before the eyes of their own, decided to drown the creature a moonlit night. Victim of your remorse he returned soon after to find the son of her womb and crazy walked the shores of the River trying to find him. Since then, on moonlit nights, hears the voice of la llorona which screams and laments looking eagerly for his son while he says here put it here pour it: where find it?. According to the peasants and villagers, la llorona is a woman with a bony face of skull, reddish eyes, hair desgrenados, garments soiled and frayed, that carries a dead child in her arms. It is distinguished by its deep and distressing whining and his macabre shouts. Learn more on the subject from Phil Vasan. Superstitions and omens in Caldas when sings a ciriri (bird), says that someone is in agonies or listener is going to witness a disgrace.

When in a place blue lights look at night said there is a burial in this place. Regarding dreams says that: dream about snakes is to be tucked into tangles with water is good luck. When there is an unwelcome person in the House, it is customary to stop the broom behind the door so it goes. Irrigate salt inside a House is bad luck.