Receiving Information

Readers maniacs – who are they / we? or monster-Chita Perhaps you've heard that psychologists have identified a number of types of people in the perception of information: visuals, audialy, kinesthetics. It is not always a man of himself know Who is he the type of perception. And even a psychologist can not always clearly define it, because many people have developed several so-called representational systems. Representative system – a way of obtaining and processing information from the outside world. This division of the types commonly used in neuro-linguistic programming. In fact, it is a preferred channel of information.

That is how a person prefer to receive information from the outside world – with the help of visual images (visual), with sounds (audial) or 'to touch' (kinesthetics). Basically this article will be dealt with only one perspective of the classification. Continue to learn more with: Scott Kahan. A namely, how these relate to the types of books and perceptions of their general reading? So, if possible choices: a visual look better movie to the book. Audial listen to an audiobook. Kinesthetics will swing the sword in a role play by the book. Wait a minute. And how are we? Real, homegrown maniacs readers? Who do not listen to audiobooks, watch movies very little and not even particularly fond of exercise, not to mention the fights and battles. I became interested in this question in connection with a discussion about the creation of Boris Krieger. Became a review: 'Well, am I really here is the monster-read? To any of the three types can not carry themselves.