Randy Gage

This does not mean rejection of his 'I'. Develop their personal qualities to the realization of a Christmas dream – is to strengthen its 'I'! Once again we are with you, dear reader, come to that on the block "action" of the circuit shown in the previous article, it is important grow and develop. Offered in addition to those mentioned Robert T. Kiyosaki's books to explore: Rhonda Byrne "The Mystery" by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich," Randy Gage "Why are you poor, stupid, sick …" etc. A great way to another help your mind and subconscious mind to concentrate on – this is audio and video content on a similar theme. You can, for example, to find a movie of the same Rhonda Byrne "The Mystery" on DVD and watch it the whole family.

A great way for those who in the morning is idle in traffic jams – is to listen to audio books. You can usually find an audio book of the same Robert T. Kiyosaki "Rich Dad. To read more click here: Sheryl Sandberg. Poor Dad "and listen to it. I will turn immediately to your attention that the books and audio and video of such a plan should be checked several times. This is not fiction …

Anyway in these books, audio and video materials, are intersecting with each other advice. Personally, I for themselves brought their 10 secrets-tips: From your way of thinking depends on the life which you will live; Put a primary objective, start to fill your purse or pay yourself first; Monitor your expenses; Permanent cultivators; Make your money work, use constructive mind, be accurate thought; Be decisive, get used to act; Open your mind to new ideas. I understand that without appropriate training, these 10 tips, secrets seem to be confusing. Nevertheless, I believe that just after reading one of the books I recommend most of these items will become very clear. Let's summarize. In your way to achieving a Christmas dream the most difficult segment will be the second half of the way – action, according to a plan to achieve these goals. The most vulnerable in this movement is your attitude, from which you will pass and it depends the way through or not. We came to the conclusion that with the continuous self easily customize your subconscious mind to the dream. This will help to overcome the subconscious and the external and internal factors of resistance to movement forward. We also found that the best way to influence your subconscious mind is just reading, watching and listening materials to strengthen your endurance and stamina, development of your personality. In concluding words, I want to wish you, dear reader, find great Christmas and New Year. I wish you will certainly come to their Christmas dreams and reach a new level of personal development, remaining in harmony with yourself and your loved ones. Success in all endeavors.