Experience virtual communication and work spaces with the ART + COM touch master on the CeBIT 2009, expands in the future Parc, Hall 9, booth C14 Berlin, January 27, 2009 that there are ways to visualize complex issues with the development of modern presentation technology steadily in the last years. Until a few years ago, still display boards and monitors were preferred forms of presentation. Recently Ripple sought to clarify these questions. Today, museums take the visitors in virtual worlds, companies present their products as interactive 3D models in the showroom. A presentation system that makes virtual worlds not only visible but tangible with the hands is now the master touch. \”Under the motto technique and expertise for media systems\” a multi touch presentation system in the large-format to visualize multimedia content presents ART + COM technologies in the context of the upcoming CeBIT for the first time the touch master,. The large presentation surface allows multiple users, simultaneously and independently of each other with the system to interact.

The master touch is controlled directly and intuitively through hand gestures on the touch-sensitive surface, without mouse, buttons or keyboard. In contrast to conventional multi touch-enabled screens, the Visual content to a robust frameless plate are projected at the touch master. The result is a brilliant, full-field image of up to two meters wide and over one meter deep. The large presentation surface that demand almost any shape and size adaptable is excellent for the visualization of such as geo data, research results, product presentations, company presentations or building and location plans. The areas of application of touch masters ranging from museums, exhibitions and showrooms of mobile presentation offers on trade fairs, roadshows and events to the usage as a presentation platform for architects, engineers and facility managers. The intuitive control by hand and its robustness make the ideal touch master Presentation system for places with plenty of public transport and high experience factor.