Pontifical Catholic University

In the commercial subject, the countries that export products finished to the USA will undergo minors volumes of sales, due to the loss in the consumption of the Americans, an example of this is the Mexican manufacturing industry The certain thing, as it indicates the UNCTAD, tmese in account, that Brazil at the top, that in 2007 attracted 34,600 million dollars (23,690 million Euros) of foreign investment and authenticated his fifth position of the world-wide classification, Latin America has enjoyed an increasing international confidence, that has taken to the foreign capitals to the past shoot to a 36% its investments in countries of the region during exercise, until reaching the 126,000 million dollars (86,250 million Euros), knows that, Brazil, has possibility of reacting better to the impacts of the crisis. Nevertheless, the diminution of the external credit and direct productive external investments will affect to the growth of the private companies and the expenses and governmental investments, like the great infrastructure plans that had been programmed, since the fiscal collection already is placed in an extremely high level and no it signals to increase. Ina writing on this reality that very has been disclosed by economic experts, presents/displays aspects who cannot be ignored reason why their information lock up, so is the case that presents/displays the bulletin of Universia Knowledge Wharton, that indicates, that Anita Kon, professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, creates " that the emergent economies will very see affected by the North American crisis, just like the rest of the countries of the world, because the financial system is very globalised and the crisis tends to scatter by all the system. However, professor Kon also stands out that, in Latin America, some countries that present/display more stable macroeconomic conditions, like Chile and Brazil, will have majors possibilities of facing these consequences, although will have to review her planning of expenses and public investments, as well as the policies of support to the production, the combat of the inflation and other policies social.