Moscow Medical Academy

"Why do not you give the girl a second sheet, so she finished her job? Well, the exam is over, but I demand that you give My daughter's new job and that's when it all it will perform. It is our right. " And then head of the group of teachers finally broke the silence: "Shut your mouth! Was found competent here. " But I still made to Radim wrote a new work in chemistry. And she got her well-deserved 90 points. Given that the girl on the level of training can learn in the capital medvuze, Radim mom went to the Ministry of Health of RI to obtain the target the direction of the Moscow Medical Academy. Minister Malsagov said that focusing the girl did not receive, because it has a Moscow registration. He advised: "We had podsuetitsya and to register children in Ingushetia.

" – I was outraged – and here a residence permit? Where are these laws that target areas receive only child with a local registration? And the fact that my daughter is 10 years old studying in Ingushetia, it does not matter? In short, went to a lawyer, and he gave me an official document under which the Minister Malsagov has no right not to give us the desired direction. To achieve fairness, had to call the "hotline" of the president. If you are not convinced, visit HPE. AND only after the deputy chief of staff called Malsagova, she took our papers. – Let the student at our university medfakultete – Radim advised Malsagova mom. But not only that level of teaching in the university leaves much to be desired, some teachers say the students discovered how much "worth" or that a test or exam. At the same teacher at a medical school openly, without embarrassment, told his students that the exam and for the credit they need it to pay 20 thousand rubles. – It has already been said in the Ingush website, everyone knows that she vzyatochnitsa. But none of it with no fires, and it continues to terrorize the students – said third-year student.

– And if you do not give money? – Then have to go to her to take more than once. And how could you not know the subject well – still put only three points. And we have to group of guys are learning from poor families. How could they take that kind of money? That has to go to the "tail," which means left without a scholarship. Other teachers also take, but not so blatantly as this. – And here's your president said that he will to fight corruption, and will bring order in this regard in Ingushetia. My companion laughed: – It is unlikely he will succeed. You should begin from the bottom, from the university, for example. Because if the student is now forced to money to pay teachers, it is when it receives a diploma and start working (unless of course he finds in the country work in my field), will also take bribes. He also needed primarily to compensate for what had pay for the years of study at uni. A sum of years of study accumulates very decent. Editor's note: We know the names of the girls interviewed by the correspondent "SK". For obvious reasons, we can not bring them to light. But that everything said in the article – though there is no doubt. Rather "walk" on the Ingush independent sites, to understand that the low quality of education in the Ingush University of bribery teachers, especially newly arrived here to work, rampant.