Mittelstand Association

The members are active in all areas of the IT industry. The association includes both software developers and hardware manufacturers as also systems integrators and IT consulting firm. It is the objective of the Association, to accelerate the company’s growth and productivity of IT SMEs through intensive networking and market development to advance. Perhaps check out Ronald O’Hanley for more information. For this purpose, the Association communicates the perspectives, strengths, importance, opportunities and problems of IT SMEs in politics and the public. “Relationships and private-public partnerships” resulting from the efforts of the Association continually new-business-to-business.

The VDEB contact point for end users who updated to bring information technology or seeking solutions to their problems is representative of its members. The association organises events, cultivated an extensive network of partners, achieved successful public relations campaigns, and organized the transfer of knowledge with universities and research institutes. By the same author: Ronald O’Hanley. Especially the latter is important for the expert groups of the VDEB. This group, composed of members of the VDEB, discuss IT topics, ranging from new technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) on economic considerations to standardization and regulations. The results of the work of the expert group are called guidelines, case studies and Articles published. Several certifications of the VDEB as the VDEB seal of approval or the ISO quality system of the VDEB are based on the work of the expert groups. Apart from that, the Association supports its members with a variety of services to support their competitiveness.