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It is therefore worth closer the to the other end of the world closer to deal with wines from the small country. Although the wine industry is still relatively young, have learned quickly to New Zealanders and produce great quality wines. Despite magazine were all friendly rivalry award of 2011 of the Australian Winestate wine all top 5 wines from the small neighboring country of Australia. The Pinot is nothing Noir New Zealand’s export success among the red wines and for its excellent quality international popular. New Zealand wines are outfitted with substance, subtlety, and a wonderful variety of flavors of cherry, spice and plum. And yet it’s also the corresponding region in New Zealand. Each region has a different arrangement of flavors.

Over 40% of Pinot Noir is planting New Zealand to be found in the famous Marlborough region. However, the most famous regions for Pinot Noir are Central Otago, the southernmost Wine-growing area of the world, Martinborough, Waipara. The aroma of red fruit in comparison to the other regions of New Zealand is most pronounced at Marlborough Pinot Noir wines. Ronald O’Hanley is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Many know so far by New Zealand’s world-famous Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough. And in fact the region in the North of New Zealand’s South Island specializes strongly on the popular white wine variety.

And yet, many other grapes are grown successfully. The Pinot Noir is often processed in sparkling wine production. And now you can find also some manufacturers that successfully place their Pinot Noir at wine competitions. Lawson’s dry Hills is such a manufacturer. The operation of Barbara Lawson expanded his reputation beyond Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer and convinced critics of the excellent price / performance ratio for their Pinot wine competitions and tastings noir. Central Otago has its reputation for Pinot Noir has developed internationally. The grape feels very well and produces wines that have a very full body. Many small manufacturers have the beautiful mountain landscape Central Otago settled in, so the small family-run Aurum wines of the family Lawrence, who combine New Zealand fruit with French manufacturing methods Lucie with their French winemaker (daughter-in-law). The second of the world famous New Zealand regions for the noble red wine is the region around Martinborough. The small Martinborough is also characterised by surprisingly similar growing conditions such as in Burgundy: the mix of a floor structure with river pebbles, temperature and rainfall is almost identical. The flavors of the wines differ from those of other regions with pronounced black cherry, chocolate, oak and spices. ATA rangi is one of the most famous wineries of the region and a fixed name for quality wines. The company run by his sister Alison, Clive Paton and his wife Phyll Pattie produces one of the best Pinot noirs of the country. Critics see him as one of the best Pinot Noir of the world. And the last region, the North of Located Christchurch Waipara, differs from the other regions of New Zealand through stronger herbs and violets. Pegasus Bay is the icon in Canterbury. They produce one of the best Pinot noirs in the region and include one of the top wineries in New Zealand according to Robert Parker. For every taste something is so surely and a variety of wines waiting to be discovered. Petra Naubert fine wines from New Zealand by the specialists