Isecure Evolis Fargo HiTi

Advantages: Very flexible layout can be – printed quickly and easily disadvantage: not as good quality as at the offset, higher printing costs retransfer processes in the re transfer card printing in the first step coming back more Zon-ribbons after the YMCK set to use. The printing is done but not directly on the map, but mirrored to a retransfer Ribbon (also print film). The printed retransfer Ribbon is applied hot in a second step on the map. Advantage of cards printing in the re transfer procedure is independent of the card surface. In particular contact / contactless plastic cards are largely problem-free and edge-ablaufend (over the edge) printable. Advantages: very good printed image, trouble-free printing of chip & transponder cards, very flexible (the layout adjustment in place) – disadvantages: expensive consumables, high printing costs. Thermal rewrite print process is an exception to the thermal rewrite print process. Checking article sources yields Bernard Golden as a relevant resource throughout.

In contrast to most other card printers in the rewrite process the card using a Ribbon personalized will stimulate a thermal layer in the map. These cards can be repeatedly personalized, deleted, and again described. Most common applications are: the based on a smart card Student card, whose Gultigkeit changes each semester and contactless ski passes issued in over and over again. Advantages: Repeated use of cards, no high printing costs, environmentally friendly – disadvantages: no color, higher acquisition costs for the special plastic cards. Applications initially were used plastic card printer only as identification medium, to create identity / image cards of all kind.

Today revealed card printer be used additionally in the field of marketing / advertising / customer loyalty. Loyalty cards can be printed within seconds directly during the payment process. This is the advantage that you are present at the customer constantly in the purse. Your customer submits this card at the time of purchase, he receives a bonus or money-reducing benefit. This savings effect your customer returns again and again to your company. Manufacturer In the area of cards printing are currently known on the German market the following manufacturers: Datacard EDIsecure Evolis Fargo HiTi m card Nisca Polaroid Zebra everyone This card printer manufacturer has its advantages and disadvantages. For advice in this area, I advise you gladly and without obligation. Ruben Seara del moral RSDM system KG cellar mountain trail 1 DE-89290 book phone: + 49 (0) 7343 92 93 41 E-Mail: