Hernia – a focus of inflammation. When removing the inflammation by Polimedel it decreases, and he pushes the vertebra hernia sac. He eventually resolved. Osteochondrosis – is the focus of inflammation radicular nerve. Polimedel reduces inflammation and nerve emerges from the pinch. With concussion Polimedel quickly relieves pain and bruising resolves. Check with Southwest Airlines to learn more.

Radiculitis, myositis, leg cramps, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, intercostal neuralgia Polimedel effectively relieves pain and has a therapeutic effect. When heel spurs wrap around Polimedel ankles every night until the Spurs did not resolve. When diabetes is cured and angeopatiya gangrene of the lower extremities. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. ulcers and has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect. The imposition of the liver is equivalent dyubazhu.

Good results in the treatment of burns. Improves the growth of hair on the head by the revival of the bulbs. Exacerbation of chronic diseases are possible. Removal chronic inflammatory process revives the nervous system. Pain sensitivity may be restored before complete recovery. Use Polimedel the whole family. Put the tape in an envelope of dense natural fabric. Polimedel action extends to a depth of 10-14 cm Overlay can be any party to the body on a bandage or plaster. The film can be cut to any configuration. Age limitation. Application POLIMEDELA electrets have been investigated for the first time the Japanese physicist Eguti in 1919. To date, they are well studied and widely used in engineering. Studies of biological properties of electrets began around 60s. In many biological structures found electret properties, which play an important role in their functioning. It was also found effects of constant electric fields generated by the electret at biological structures. Currently, under the electret dielectric understand, preserving the long-term electrical charges of different or the same sign. There are many ways to the electrification of electrets, in which some insulators retain electrical charges from several days to several decades.