Falcon Plaster

Trick. Next will talk about how to apply decorative plaster. In advance, I note that if you have not previously engaged in plastering, it is better to entrust work to professionals, because even knowing the thorium to learn how to confidently hold a spatula or trowel to train a lot. I warned you. Initially, the tools still a few words about tools. Tool selection for plaster – is a science.

So, in the arsenal plasterer sure there * Falcon, acting as a shovel, trowel * nabrasyvaniya solution to the work surface, measuring and mixing of materials * Small plastering trowel to seal cracks otrezovka * wooden poluterok * usually * float * scraper * spatula. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. (If you have any word from the list, then it is not clear, look on the internet, maybe even find a picture) If with decorative plaster work is not advisable to use the tools of ordinary steel. They can leave the surface virtually derivable rusty spots. So, sometimes on the tool have fairly invest, because some of the coatings have their "whims". For example, Venetian plaster can be applied only instrument of tempered forged steel. Also may need brushes, rollers, combs, a variety of spatulas, brushes, natural sea sponges.

In the design of the walls there is a place for classical music, and creative flight. Working with a decorative plasters and show imagination, and then the tool can be anything. Traces of nail head will create an imitation hats, prints palms and feet will allow even the youngest to participate in the creation of unique interior. Inventors create unique designs using zhatuyu paper and lace. Design options of the walls as much as you can imagine. Simulated stucco allow you to create zhatoy tissue, the effect of cracks, the effect of the brush, the paintings and the bulk composition – from simple to complex ornamentation bas-relief patterns.