The cruise line with parking and sea park parking and sea”is the number one among the Park entrepreneurs for cruise ship tourists in Kiel and Warnemunde. And that has a simple reason: the company is committed to kindness and service. Skirted mouth, annoyed looks or an unkind word? All of this has allowed in parking and sea”. The employees of the company convey from the outset of friendliness that is neither forced nor played. And this holds until the end of the park experience “when parking and sea. The makers of the all-round carefree package”at the locations in Kiel and Warnemunde consciously apply highest service.

“Their intention: A cruise provides luxury and parking and sea wants the” deliver before the entering of the vessel. Courteous but never intrusive staff act, if they take the Crusaders in reception, accompany them to the cruise ship terminal, or returning the vehicle return it. Always show the staff perfect manners without this however stiff or tense to work. A looser knacks with North German dialect belongs to the service such as the shipping of baggage of cruise tourists. Parking and sea”consciously focuses on high-quality communication with the customer.

Only together with the customer, we can offer the perfect service, parking and sea says”. That is for parking and sea”: we need to communicate with the customers, its special and individual desires to learn and to be able to meet. Just like in a good partnership. And this creates parking and sea”every day. The service is constantly questioned, looked for improvements or weaknesses of the concept. But how did the parking and sea “people on this unique concept idea? Parking in Kiel or parking in Warnemunde can be quickly designed specifically for unfamiliar to the problem. Because: The parking facilities specifically for cruise ship tourists who park their car for several days or even weeks to, is very limited in both cities.