Elimination Logic

The same reasoning is applied to them. Judges use the term action founded in part to the OK, only, any of the claims dismissed as others who only seems unfair in view of the whole. Therefore, forensic and regular expression which also implies the Elimination of the no-logica Aristotelian. Politics in the opposite occurs with the indiscriminate application of Aristotelian logic. Some thick errors can be generated. 1 = premise of democracy is the Government of the representation obtained by the free choice of the majority, 2 = premise that most of the people to choose the representation is poor, the poor final = more representative elected to positions in the Government. Both assumptions are very certain. Then the logical conclusion is not? But if, on the one hand, the formal logic appropriate to address legal, though not found in other political activity a good address.

Few poor people in conditions of competing for elective posts, which is a severe defect of representative democracy, while in the law, with improvement of techniques of procedure, improves the daily access of poor people to the judiciary, mainly with the guarantee of the right of action, established as a fundamental principle of the law in the State Constitution. In fact, you can’t find logical deductions in a traditional form of security to guarantee democracy in the knowledge of the political and administrative justice. Take this example: one is a poor country and B is a rich country, which has the money borrowed from B, to eradicate poverty; (B) plays the borrowed capital more interests; In conclusion, to the eradication of poverty. Obviously, there is no logic in this regard. A historical analysis leads us to the simple observation that poor countries are still poor in relation to their creditors and not to make the desired corrective justice. Increased, unlike the national misery, while rich countries better economic conditions of life of their citizens.