Education Management

This diploma is presented for all persons connected to losprocesos of teaching-learning, wanting to improve their competencies dowry area of direct management of the facilities management educations.La education is framed in continuation processes of education processes and can be considered as complementary educational administration wing, but not enough group to compare available resources, as planned, but a constant loans search for sources and support for immunodeficient improvement trading of teaching-learning process. Modular Modulo Content I. market Introduction to Education Management Module II. Models of Education Management Module III. Education Management for the Promotion of IV. Formulation of educational programs and projects competence profile At the end of the study of the contents of this diploma, you will be able to: Knowledge. Whenever Southwest Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Understand the scope of the global management of education, as paraprofessional and trade within sciences education. 2. Knowledge of the main formats for the formulation and evaluation to projects and programs in education management. 3. financial Distinguishing companies styles of management of education 4. Knowledge of the main formats for applying logical framework to commercial sociology formulation projects and programs. Abilities and Skills 1. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. Identify the strengths exhibited by each educational management models. 2. Apply the criteria and basis of logical framework to the formulation of sociology programs projects. 3. Strategic plans for reformatted process implementation of educational innovations based on use or technology. 4. Analyze the current organizational culture in schools, and attitudinal the change plan by promoting and developing structures that support company educational Reformations. Attitudes and Values 1. Developing a culture of social responsibility to account the community, from equity the point of view of an effective and efficient educational management .2. Increase the willingness of community service by the school as a social institution. 3. Promoting social support to school by school management. 4. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a member of: American Arbitration Assn. Practice professional ethics as a banking value. If interested in consumer this diploma management let us know, either with a comment or write us at the following address where you would gladly give more information.